Sound Business Advice

Today’s successful veterinarians understand that forming a solid practice team is key in creating a thriving business. They also know they must work on their practice as well as in their practice. They have an excellent team who understands the human-animal bond, exceptional client service and basic business principles.

As principal of Snowgoose Veterinary Management Consulting, Louise Dunn helps practice owners identify obstacles to achieving their business goals and provides tools and real, workable solutions to overcome them.

With Louise’s expertise, guidance and coaching, you will take your practice to the next level.

  • Instigate change with the AI (affirmative inquiry) process and DICE formula
  • Develop leadership skills to build trust and address conflicts among team members
  • Learn how to better manage accounts receivable, inventory, and purchasing
  • Implement team accountability systems
  • Learn to understand online resources and your software, which will improve the return on your investments
  • Addressing passive-aggressive organizations
  • Training
  • Learn how to promote your practice successfully
  • Create and implement a marketing plan
  • Develop successful in-hospital marketing to ensure great first impressions
  • Learn how to exceed client expectations
  • Develop a committed, self-directed team
  • Grow your practice with open book management
  • Focus groups and advisory boards
  • Create a net-based incentive that actually works
  • Using open book management, bench marking and key financial indicators
  • Increase Profits
  • Getting your practice ready for sale
  • Deciding where, why, and how to get to where you want go
  • Consistent standards of care
  • Implememtation of a consistent "WOW" client experience
  • Getting clients to yes

Single Focus Topics

Tools from the Trenches
Real Time Solutions For Real Problems
Knowing What KPIs to track and How to Improve Them

Creating a Positive Culture
Conflict Resolution
Life-Work Balance