Some call it “ROI” (return on investment), others call it “more bang for the buck.” Regardless of what you call it, you’re just like everybody else in this economy: You want to ensure that your organization provides value to members.

Louise brings over 45 years of veterinary management experience; including time spent managing a five-location hospital (complete with emergency and referral center) and sharing her expertise through industry publications and conferences. She has spoken to local, regional, national, and international audiences on various practice management topics. She has delivered workshops for veterinary schools and national meetings. She has headlined sessions solo and worked in tandem with other industry leaders.

Her mission, regardless of audience, is to provide contemporary topics that include the basics and upcoming business trends. Louise looks to other industries for best practices and then translates those for veterinary medicine. Because of her approach and varied background, she was named the 2007 Practice Management Educator of the Year by WVC attendees and Board of Directors.

Through an interactive teaching style, she will help your members identify business obstacles and then give them “in the trenches” tools that will help them thrive in today’s economic climate.


Human Resources, Leadership, and Operations

  • Complement the HR process with online resources
  • Make solid hiring decisions and retain staff for the long term
  • Develop leadership, build trust, address conflict, and establish accountability
  • Overcome passive-aggressive actions to boost morale and profit
  • Implement the AI (affirmative inquiry) process and DICE formula to create change
  • Help staff raise the three key practice bars: patient care, client experience, and the business (including strategic planning, daily operations, HR, finance and marketing)
  • Implement consistency for improved patient care/compliance, overall client experience, and practice profits
  • Manage accounts receivable, inventory, and purchasing
  • Improve your return on investment with computer software


  • Compete in a competitive market without going into debt
  • Promote your practice successfully in the community
  • Create in-hospital marketing and first impressions
  • Understand the importance of your client base and how to exceed expectations
  • Develop a committed, self-directed team


  • Create a net-based incentive that actually works
  • Establish skills-based compensation plans
  • Use open book management, score carding with key financial indicators and benchmarking strategic planning
  • Decide where, why, and how to get to where you want go

PHOTO [above]: Louise speaking at AAHA in Denver, Colorado

A solid team will continually raise the bar for the Circle of Care, which will help you build loyal, compliant clients.